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Hi all,
I'm new here thought I was post my conundrum here (sorry of it's the wrong thread).

I want to buy the new Samsung QLED TV and looked around for the best current deal and seen John Lewis does a price match and a 0% interest free credit (which I've been told ends 18th Nov). All sounds good right? However, Black Friday is just around the corner, can I theoretically buy the TV just before the interest free credit finishes, say 17th Nov, then on Black Friday check Curry's same exact TV (as it'll be reduced by a decent amount I'm sure) then tell John Lewis I've seen the TV cheaper then ask for the difference back?

Will they price match on a special discount day like Black Friday?


  • There are lot of ifs there.

    Bluntly, only TVs which retailers are finding it hard to shift are discounted on "Black Friday"

    So I wouldn't rely on any discount at all being applied.
  • Inner_Zone
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    Do Curry's have exactly the same TV?

    They have a habit of having slightly different models and numbers so they don't have to price match.
  • Mister_G
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    And, of course, the usual advice - have you looked at Richer Sounds?
  • Obviously there is some if's in this situation, I was using Curry's as the competitor but could use RS. Curry's does have the exact same TV Samsung QLED Q9FN currently £2,099 Ive been monitoring the price and seen it has dropped considerably over the past 6months. I would expect some kind of price drop on Black Friday.

    I have heard JL does price match itself. :D whether they do is another matter, I'm sure they'll try and wiggle out of it.
  • Mister_G
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    and don't forget the RS 6 year warranty.
  • JJ_Egan
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    <I would expect some kind of price drop on Black Friday.>

    In that case wait but you could well be wrong .
    JL as with others has conditions to a Price Match .

    Big problem with BF is products may no longer be avialable when JL come to price match .
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    As this is a money saving website you could get a OLED for a lot less and a better set.
  • I did see RS 6yr warranty, both JL and Curry's do 5yrs - could be an option.

    Good point about the availability on BF and price match - something to think about.

    I've done some serious research on the two best types of TVs OLED and QLED and for me QLED wins as we do everything from watching films to gaming on it, the potential burn in and deterioration over time is a pretty big turn off for me.

    Just had a response from JL about my conundrum they only answered part of it but basically they said they don't price match on finance.

    Verdict so far:
    If they can guarantee that if I purchase before BF they will price match the TV if it is dropped/discounted on BF. If they can't guarantee then I guess getting it on finance is probably the best way to go.
  • JL DO price match themselves, I had a £50 refund on a camera early this year which had dropped in price in store. So Always worth monitoring Currys, RS and JL for 30 days after any significant purchase. In the last 12 months I have had pricematch refunds on a TV, camera and binoculars, they have never raised any objections. (which is part of the reason their profits are down)
  • Williams84 wrote: »
    I would expect some kind of price drop on Black Friday.
    Why would you "expect" this? There are no guarantees that any one item will be reduced in price. If there was such a guarantee, don't you think everyone would wait for Black Friday?

    Are you in the USA?

    If not, you need to realise that this (very recent) import of an American retail tradition is, at best, half heartedly adopted by British shopkeepers. As I said earlier, the only TVs likely to be discounted are those which are proving most difficult to shift.

    Regardless, of course you won't get any price promise on a future deal!
    In order to qualify for a price match, other retailers will have to be offering a reduced price at the time you purchase-not some time later.
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