Disabled Parking outside my house

There has been a disabled parking bay painted on the ground in the back lane on my side of the road outside my house for the people who live across the road because they have put a shed on their drive way.

I'm planning on putting a driveway on the back of my house and i was wondering if this disabled bay could be moved or if it is enforceable at all or if i am wasting my time contacting the council??

Any advice appreciated.


  • The council can answer that far better than we can.
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    It's quite unusual to get an on street bay painted if there's an existing driveway so your neighbours must have had a pretty good case for putting up a shed and making their driveway unusable.

    It's also weird for the bay to be across the street from the house, the whole point is that the bay is close to the disabled persons home to minimise walking and to cut down the risk of them crossing the road.

    I'd contact the planning department at the council and ask what the options are. You could probably have a good case for having the bay moved to the other side of the road and allow you access for a driveway, particularly if there's no parking to the front of your home and other people have driveways to the back.
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