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RyanAir and the usual tricks

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  • zagfleszagfles Forumite
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    tgon wrote: »
    At no extra cost?
    Yes. Flown with them loads over the years, never been split. Same with other budget airlines, even Ryanair till a year or two ago.
  • It was Jet2 that started this awful thing of splitting pax up. It's awful and sorry to hear about this OP.
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    bertiewhitebertiewhite Forumite
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    The best thing about airline competition is choice - you can choose to not pay extra and play roulette, pay a little extra to get seated next to your travelling companion or pay a lot more with another airline to get the same result.
  • custardycustardy Forumite
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    up to their usual of course you rewarded them by using them and not a competitor?
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    tgon wrote: »
    Sitting together used to be the default at check in and is helpful customer service. Deliberately separating couples by default (or randomly) to extort money is unhelpful customer service. All airlines seem to do this now. Ryanair is a successful pioneer in the profits of unhelpful customer experience.

    Being ignored or dumped by the online technology thats there to help you is further proof that you don't really matter in their eyes. It's sad that headline pricing is now the norm. I hope the OP gets the flight and holiday his perseverance has bought.

    flying with blue air next week, seats chosen when purchased months ago at no cost
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    Have never been split from wife & daughter, don't pay for seats.

    Used, Easyjet, Jet2, Monarch, (ok they have now gone) & BA

    I haven't flown with Ryanair for years, because of their atrocious customer service.

    If you want or expect to complain, don't fly with Ryanair, customer service is not included in the price
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