Winter family buffet for 90yr old



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    Thanks everyone - trifle a good idea as I know she likes that - though she might prefer her own making to mine!

    I think the secret of really good trifle is not to use jelly, but that's my opinion:rotfl:

    Last year we bought loads of party nibbles from Waitrose when they were on special offer before Xmas. Still have some in the freezer. The mini Yorkshires with roast beef were particularly good.
  • Eenymeeny
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    jackomdj wrote: »
    My gran used to love vol-au-vents, and a snowball. Is there anything that your MIL particularly likes?
    Was surprised to see old-style snowballs and Cherry B's in packs of 4 small bottles recently in B&M. Might be nice as a nostalgia thing and nothing wasted as guests might only have one drink? (Have thrown out advocaat before as it was bought on impulse then hardly used...)
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  • zanuda
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    ... I like just plain eggs cut in half - think we have simple tastes!.

    Ye-e-es, with caviar on top. Yum-yum. Or, you take the yellow part out, mix with mayonnaise and stuff it back. Absolutely fantastic!. You could add a little bit of grated cheese there. Or, yeelow part+mayonnaise+fried mushrooms....
    Well, boils eggs are fantastic for things like that.
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    I don't know whether it's been suggested but rather than make sandwiches could you get some tiger sticks/french sticks, a slab of butter and let them make their own sandwiches. Maybe get some pate too.
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    For my husband's birthday buffet i did smoked salmon, slices of ham, chicken drumsticks, little tomatoes, rocket, various cheeses and sliced french bread.
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    Some sort of greenery/fresh stuff.
    Much as I like carbs and cakes, some buffets can be a bit stodge overload and you need some salad/grapes/whatever to balance it out a bit.
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    May be too late but I'd suggest doing jackets potatoes rather than roast - nice and warming and they are very forgiving - you can part bake them ahead of time and then reheat on the day, and they go a bit better with the things like coleslaw.

    I agree that some greenery is nice - maybe veggie trays with sliced red, yellow and green peppers, carrot sticks and cucumber sticks, and maybe cherry tomatoes - dead easy to prepare, and adds colour and texture.
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