Winter family buffet for 90yr old



  • I always find a platter of indian snacks is cheap and well received! Onion bahjis, samosas etc
  • Pollycat wrote: »
    At some buffets, they do open rolls - so put filling on both the top and the bottom. That makes them go twice as far and you've not got so much bread to eat.

    It makes the rolls go twice as far, but you need twice as much filling, which is probably the expensive bit.
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  • Pollycat
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    It makes the rolls go twice as far, but you need twice as much filling, which is probably the expensive bit.

    I'm not sure I agree.
    If you do full rolls i.e. top and bottom, you'd need more filling to balance out the bread.
    Well, that's what I would do as I think the filling is the most important bit.
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    I've been to buffets where the breadrolls are on a platter buttered and the filings are on separate plates and the guests make up their own sandwich on their plate and then in addition have things like sausage rolls, crisps, coleslaw etc. If you're not in the best of health and neither is your DH (as per your OP) then I'd keep it as simple as possible. Anything you can open up and pop on a plate would be great. Have a look down the party range in supermarkets.
  • And you can ask other people to help and bring stuff too.
    A kind word lasts a minute, a skelped erse is sair for a day.
  • Yes Spendless - I've done that before - just leave people make their own rolls up. I do Tesco online so can easily browse. I like the frozen mini eclairs etc!!

    Yes Pollycat - I need to step away from the cakes as I had the 200 cupcake recipe book this morning from ebay! Don't usually cook cakes etc as we try to not eat lots of sugar and fats.

    Owain - yes I'm sure some might offer food closer to the date - lots of people don't like to be too organised months in advance - but I do.

    Anyhow if they offer things I'll adjust what I buy accordingly - but as I get Tesco delivered they usually leave it mostly up to me. (I know we do bring and share 'dos' in the village and they work really well - everyone just bringing a plate of sweet or savoury - but didn't want to do that for this party)

    Prettykitty - not sure how adventurous they would be with 'foreign' food - hence keeping it as simple as possible - and sort of non-spicy!
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    Sausage rolls. Compulsory.

    I'd be scanning the table hoping for a bit of nice quiche and potato salad - a few sausages on sticks...
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    My gran used to love vol-au-vents, and a snowball. Is there anything that your MIL particularly likes?
  • I catered for a small buffet for older people for the Royal Wedding. Apart from the usual suspects I did a home made trifle. It went down a storm, maybe because of the alcohol. It was a raspberry trifle made with frozen raspberries and raspberry liqueur. Sherry works just as well. It is also a good way to use up some of your practice cakes.
  • Thanks everyone - trifle a good idea as I know she likes that - though she might prefer her own making to mine!
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