ESA do I need a sick note?

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I am so confused about ESA ans whether I might be eligible. I have Arthritis and was signed of work in 2007, at that time I applied for ESA but was refused because although I couldn't go back to that specific job (it was only ten hours a week) I was deemed fit to work by atos , ie I could do a less physical job. At the ATOS assessment I was basically told to go down the mental health route if I wanted to get anywhere, I didn't get ESA and the whole experience was awful because I genuinely needed support. Forward 11 years and I am wondering if I can reapply without a sick note because I am still not working. I have a hard time looking for work , because I suffer from fatigue and my illness is unpredictable, I have diarrhoea 3-4 days a week. I have been receiving CBT through NHS for Axiety and depression because I am really struggling to cope with how useless I am at the moment and so resentful to this disease and the impact it's had in my life.

I won't be eliable for income related because partner earns too much. I have been awarded Nat ins credits through carers allowance but I don't think that's enough.

However I stumbled upon a thread that implies if you've ever worked and paid nat ins you could still claim. I have paid nat ins through wages for around 7-8 years in total.
I wasn't allowed to include the link as a new user but if you google "carer now esa mse" it comes up from 18th Aug 2017

Sorry if I'm a bit vague, I've tried reading the gov page but don't fully understand it my brain is all over the place at the moment, the medication makes my brain fog. Please be gentle with me but any helpful advice would be appreciated.


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