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golden market

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peter_griffin_2peter_griffin_2 Forumite
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My mother is 78 and got a call from a company called Golden market, over a period of two weeks she gave them £1000 which they said they would invest, I hadn't heard of the company and have now found out it looks to be scam, she has tried to get £500 back which they said she could have the money back at any time, they processed the £500 withdrawal and she waited a week, and the money still hadn't arrived on the card, They now want a copy of her passport, a photo of the card she made the payment and statement showing the transaction, I am reluctant to send them this information is case is used for identify theft, not sure what to do



  • MndMnd Forumite
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    Call the police
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    Forex trading based in Estonia. Bye bye money.
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    She's lost her money, as Jim says, bye bye money. You could try reporting to Action fraud but it will not bring her money back.

    You are doing the right thing by not sending any more details.

    You, or more likely, your mum, may get more calls because she is now on a "Suckers list"

    Was it a debit card or credit card that was used?

    I would keep an eye open for any unknown transactions on whatever account was used for this
  • margaretclaremargaretclare Forumite
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    My mother is 78 and got a call from a company called Golden market, over a period of two weeks she gave them £1000 which they said they would invest,

    You mean she just got a phone call out of the blue, from a company she'd never heard of? Cold-calling presumably, and the fact that she'd never heard of them didn't set the alarm bells ringing? Then, worse, she gave them a grand, on the vague promise that 'they would invest it'.

    Numerous questions spring to mind, but then, I have that sort of a suspicious mind. I've lived in this wicked world for many decades and thought I'd seen it all but the ways of parting a fool and her money always spring up new and ready to trap the unwary.

    How did she give them the money? Over 2 weeks you say, but how? Don't tell me she gave them her bank details. Please don't tell me that.

    Our local paper carries - at least weekly, sometimes more often - stories of how 'the elderly' are conned, duped, robbed, in various different ways. They pay for work they were told was essential but which was never carried out. They invite people indoors to 'use the loo' or 'for a drink of water' and then find their jewellery has been stolen. 'Rip-off Britain' on BBC1 carries similar stories. Don't people read the papers or watch TV?

    The police are the people to get in contact with here, not an online forum. This is fraud, which is a crime.
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  • it was a credit card that has been cancelled
  • she gave them her credit card details, they asked for more money when they called over the two week period
  • DavesnaveDavesnave Forumite
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    If your Mum is now willing to give out credit card details to strangers, it's probably time for you to consider getting Power of Attorney and taking a more active role in her financial affairs.
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