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Hii All
l am so glad l found this forum.
l am in debt of almost 60£.
l arranged DMP with step change. they were very nice but when l told them about my salary they checked it with HMRC. is that possible? Basicall I just want to know when l am doing my review in 1 year if they still gonna be able to check it again. l changed job and sometimes do overtime if l need some extra money but the company put everything together in one payslip so that means that my income is going to be more than now. l did set up realistic budget but having kids and christmas behind the corner l have no choice than do some extra shifts as from the budget l can’t save anything.
many thanks for your answers and support.


  • sorry meant to say 60K £
  • no one has any advise :(:(
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    I hope I can help clear this query up for you.

    With most solutions we’ll need to check your income is accurate to make sure our advice is, this would be done using a payslip. A debt management plan (DMP) isn’t a legally binding solution if your income changes your budget can easily be adjusted with our advisors and we can review how that might change the advice.

    If there is more income this might mean increasing the payment to your creditors through the DMP but reducing the DMP time frame, if your expenditure increases it might mean reducing the payment.

    Our advice will be based on what you feel is affordable. If you’ve concerns you’ve not budgeted for Christmas then we can amend your budget so you’re able to save for this. If you work extra shifts but it’s not regular and guaranteed then we wouldn’t expect the income to increase in the plan.

    If you’ve any further queries you can speak with our client support team and they’ll happily help. You can find our contact details here.

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    Hi Rachel, sorry to jump in this thread. I have been on DMP with  s/c for 4 years now. It’s saying i will pay off my debt in 26 years 😬 my question is, would they do a final settlement at some stage? I ask as my friend was on a IVA. Which I do t understand and she was able to do a final settlement 
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    Hi Pointer123,

    You really need to have started a new DFW thread.  You won't get many replies in this part of the boards.

    As for your question, you can negotiate a settlement at any point.  If the accounts are old, then you should submit a CCA request for each eligible account before you make any offer, so that you can check whether your creditors have the legally compliant paperwork
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