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Perks on an Amex card?

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Perks on an Amex card?

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HarryGrayHarryGray Forumite
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Hi all,

This has probably been asked before - I am a complete newbie with credit cards and I'm looking for my first one. I am buying a house in a couple years so I need to build my credit rating.

Can someone explain the basic perks of Amex cards? Apparently the points can convert into benefits? I am an avid flyer. Apparently you can get into the lounge at British Airways with a certain amount of points?


  • MallyGirlMallyGirl Forumite, Board Guide
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    depending on which amex card you get you might get a lounge access pass. I think that is with the chargeable card.
    Generally Amex do one of the best cashback schemes and there is a shop smaller scheme around Xmas that can be lucrative. If it is your first card you may not get an Amex card - it would depend on what else is in your credit history

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  • Jlawson118Jlawson118 Forumite
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    Usually perks can be Cashback or Membership Points depending on which card you do go for. Membership points can be exchanged for vouchers for air miles or pretty much anywhere, they have a huge catalogue! They say on their website that 40,000 points can usually get you return economy flights to Dubai with Virgin Atlantic, so I've always been saving up for that as a goal, whether I'll use them on flights or not is another thing. Sometimes I spend them on the odd iTunes voucher and buy some new music.

    It depends on your credit history and AMEX's criteria whether they will accept you or not :)
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