Halifax Bankers Draft

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help? I need to move money via a bankers draft from Halifax. I rang their call centre but couldn't get a straight answer from the advisor or their website. My question is, if I go into my local branch and ask for the bankers draft, can they issue it to me there and then? Or would I have to wait?The funds are already in my account. I simply dont want to withdraw the cash. My own cheque book is in my maiden name and my new one won't be here in time. Thanks in advance.


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    Why do you need a bankers draft, can't you just do a Faster Payment?
  • S99MLLS99MLL Forumite
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    Hi, it's a gift so I don't have the recipients bank account details to do an online transfer. It would be so much easier if I could but it would ruin the surprise.
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    Why pay for a bankers draft when you can write your own cheque?
    If the cheque is for less than a grand chances are that nobody will even see it let alone check it in the clearing system.(So you can use the old cheque book)
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    My cheque book is in my maiden name. My actual account is now in my married name so the names dont match. The advisor on the phone couldn't tell me whether the cheque would clear. He told me to sign my married name on the cheque even though the printed name was different. The amount is a lot more than £1,000. I don't want to write a cheque,gift it and then have the cheque bounce. Hence my dilemma!
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    There was no waiting last time I had one, but things may have changed. Take plenty of ID with you.
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    You will get the bankers draft straight away, just make sure you tell them that you cant write your own cheque otherwise they may charge the £20 fee, but it can be overridden by using a savings account rather then a current account if you have one at the Halifax, if not just make sure that you are not charged, but no issue at all.

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