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Insurance Purchase - Date critical?

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I have a great quote through GoCompare which only allows me to purchase the cover within the next 30 days when I really want to incept from 1st October( for road tax reasons rather than mid-month)

the quote wont allow me to go beyond 30 days. If I go back online tomorrow (1st September) am I likely to see that great quote shoot up - I only ask as I am wondering whether there is any truth to the rumours you hear about insurers wanting to get their books filled at month end. is that just a myth?

is it worth ringing the insurer to ask if they will honour todays price but incept my policy from 1st October? I did in fact ring them earlier but wa hold for ages so gave up.


  • facadefacade Forumite
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    Although you need to have insurance on a car, you don't need it to tax it, just start the policy as late as you can.

    Otherwise, do you feel lucky? The quote could go up or down.

    Or ring them like you suggested and see what they say.
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    If only MSE had an Insurance Forum where stuff like this could be discussed with the added benefit of input from people with considerable specialist knowledge of the subject?
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