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Anschler (ECP) shock absorbers

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Motoring
Hey, I did my first strut replacement job, it really fixed up a lot of issues with ride quality on my really old 2002 golf.

I was wondering what the reliability of these shocks are given that they're the cheapest stuff ECP sell.

They are their own brand and I haven't found many reviews for them online. I chose them over the unbranded ones on ebay figuring that ECP would at the very least stick to the OEM, where as these cheap ones sold on ebay with no brand name would likely be utter garbage.

Anyone used anschler for long term? I just need the shock absorbers to last 3 years or something. I'm not keeping the car any longer than that.

Also, I didn't change the springs, there's no visibile wear and tear on the springs, do springs need changing after a few years? Will they lose their power over time in a linear way or do they lose the springyness and then stop after a certain amount.


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    Change springs when they break. As for the shocks they'll do just fine. How long they last depends on the quality of the roads you're driving on, someone who drives almost exclusively on motorways will get longer than someone who spends all the time driving round town and over speed humps.
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