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dla appeal yesterday, what next?

I had to go to the courts in Chester yesterday to appeal the dwp’s decision with regards to my daughter’s dla being stopped back in June.

My daughter is epileptic and regularly has absent seizures and has been known to fall to the floor and hit her head. She fights us twice a day when we have to give her her medication. And I daren’t leave her on her own because she shows no signs a seizure will happen, she can’t vocalise that she feels funny, there’s no triggers and no patterns. Dwp apparently think that she needs no extra care to that of a normal child her age.

The appeal went in our favour and it was ruled that the dla should be reinstated until 2020. I got a bit emotional and didn’t really take anything in after the judge said it was to be reinstated.

I’ve just phoned dla to enquire about roughly how long it will take. But apparently it has to go back to a decision maker again and could take 6-8 weeks. The woman I spoke to actually seemed annoyed that I’d dared to phone and ask.

I’m not sure what happens next and was wondering if anyone else does?


  • tomtom256tomtom256 Forumite
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    The DWP will get the courts decision in writing and make arrangements to reinstate the award and make to make a payment for any backdate owed.

    It's not a fast process.
  • Alice_HoltAlice_Holt Forumite
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    The DLA award may allow you to claim -
    Disabled Child Tax Credits, and
    Carers Allowance.

    It's likely the DWP will take 6-8 weeks before payment.
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