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I'm thinking of using my AmEx card to top up Revolut (so I get the 1% cashback, and don't have to carry the AmEx around). Do you know if a Revolut top-up is treated as a purchase?
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    You can top up Revolut using Visa, Maestro or MasterCard debit/credit cards, not Amex.
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    No can do and I would strongly advise against trying to do anything that is against their T&Cs unless you're cool with them blacklisting you!
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    I have Amex Platinum Cashback and have always found their call centre staff helpful and upfront etc. when enquiring on this type of question.

    Can Revolut be topped up from a PayPal account ?

    If so, and you have linked your Amex to your PP that might be the way forward.

    I don't use Revolut so I don't know the answer to that question one way, or the other, just a suggestion for further investigation.
  • Can Revolut be topped up from a PayPal account ?

    No, it can't. There's no way to topup Revolut using an Amex card, at the moment.
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    It's somewhat of a moot point as Revolut doesn't accept Amex, but if they did it would be up to Amex to decide if they classified it as a purchase or a cash advance (some credit card companies consider it a CA when you load a prepaid card). Best chance would be to ask them what they do and do not consider a cash advance. You could look into other payment processors other than PayPal, which might offer a virtual debit card number or something, but I expect there would be fees which would ultimately eat up all of the Amex cashback.
  • Yeah don't do it. I tried it with my Natwest Cashback Credit card and they treat it as a cash advance and I've been charged 3% of the transaction.
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