After years and yeats if battling for a diagnoses for my son i finally have it.

Hes always struggled potty training walking sleeping eating always taken so much longer than his twin to grasp these things.

At first health visitor was brought in but because he grasoed the things he needed to eventually she said all ok as long as that progress was made.

On to school struggling to learn cant concentrate gets fidgety stares into space alot. Asked and pushed and asked some more for an assessment to be told hes a immature hes a twin its natural. More pushing no answers. We have OT meantime who suggests coping strategy at hme with eating sleeping dressing basics. Signs us off.

Eventually year 2 arrives teacher very concerned sees senco my behalf low and behold we get an assessment. Dyslexic. Sensory problem and memory issues so i push for peadriactrics. Peadtriactics tell me he as learning difficulties but no disability but offer the genetic blood tests to just check.

Results are in 15q 13.3 microduplication a rare chromosonal disorder which explains the reasons he struggles with grasping basic life skills and learning problems.

My question is can i apply for DLA he does need much more care than his twin i have to do everything for him or the stuff he can do watch over him closely. He as broke his bed through excessive bouncing wont stop.

I have no SEN statement just OT reports and diagnoses letter. He sees SALT too as this is a symptom to the chromosonal dosorder.

Thanks in advance for any advice given


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