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If you had a 0% on purchases with say, Barclays and then when the 0% was up, you paid it off, closed the account and cut up the card, can you still apply for another 0% on purchases say, three or four years later with the same company or do they remember that you've already had a 0% with them in the past?
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    My money would definitely be on them remembering you - but that doesn't mean they wouldn't offer another 0% deal (although no guarantee that they would either). Why not just keep the cards active and unused for a while, then phone them up to cancel the cards and see if they can give you another 0% as a "motivation" for you to not leave?
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    I have had several repeat cards over the years. Deals to new customers are usually much better than anything you get get while you are with them - the exception might be to stop you leaving.
    Many insist on a gap - such as Tesco saying 6 months after leaving before you count as new.
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    They constantly send me offers for new BT deals, I've had an initial 39 month one, paid it off, kept the card empty and then a few months used a new offer on the same card later for 18 months 0%
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  • Thanks everyone.

    I have cancelled a Post Office 0% that I had as it ran out last month.

    But I have just been accepted on a MBNA one (was quite surprised at the limit they offered me straightaway - £6,400, but hey ho) and have an AA one that runs out next year.

    I think I won't apply for any more for a while!
    Pink Sproglettes born 2008 and 2010
    Mortgages (End 2017) - £180,235.03
    (End 2021) - £131,215.25 DID IT!!!
    (End 2022) - Target £116,213.81
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    Depends what their cut off point is for defining a "new customer" and a "returning customer"
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    Here is a list from the main MSE site on the 'should I cancel old credit cards' page:

    How long until you're a 'new customer' (rough guide)
    • American Express: Six months
    • Barclaycard: Six months
    • Capital One: 30 days after last statement
    • Halifax: 60 days after cancelling account
    • HSBC: Six months
    • Lloyds: 60 days after cancelling account
    • Nationwide: 12 months
    • NatWest / RBS: Eight months
    • Santander: One month

    Once you're a 'new customer' you're eligible for all of the introductory offers again.
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    apply for barclaycard provided it's been more than 6 months since you have closed the account
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