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Atos cancelling appointments Twice? (HP Sick?)

Heard people having their Atos assessment appointment being cancelled on the last minute (Atos saying the assessor has called in sick)

and some people have even had it happen to them twice (2 appointments cancelled)

1) What is this about? they are purposly messing claimants about?

2) As your allowed to change an appointment date once, if you cannot attend the first one,
Are these 'atos' cancelled appointments, considered as 'one your your' allowed changes to appointments?

3) Is it common for Atos to cancel these appointment with their excuses, cancelling on the last minute,

and then the DWP Stop your benefit, by DWP stating that you missed an appointment
(which is nonsense, as the truth is that Atos cancelled the appointment due to the HP being sick)

4) is, can this Twice (or more) cancel of appointments just be a ploy to stop your benefits

5) Has this happened to you? what was your outcome?

What is all this nonsense about ?


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