Water bill extremely high.. possibly.

Hello everyone.
I've been reading the forum in the past few days trying to figure out an answer on my own but I could not find a thread similar to my doubt. So, I ve decided to open one myself.

At the beginning of July I've moved into a new house.
When we moved in the water meter was saying 796 cubic meters. After spending 6 days in the new house we went for holidays for about 2 weeks. When we came back we found out there was a burst pipe from outside, so we promptly asked the LL to fix it. She did, but the water meter was now saying 1078. So roughly 290 units more for a period of 24 days (it's been fixed on the 01 of August) 14 of which we weren't even in the house.

Now, the LL said that the bill will not be too high anyway for my peace of mind I went to check on Thames water (the company who gives us the service) and on the internet to see how many cubic meters two people use on average per day. Apparently we are already much more ahead of that.
So, I started to get worried abd look for a way to save some hundreds of pounds (cause if I did the math right, than we are already on about 674 pounds)...anyway thankfully we might be entitled for a leaking allowance, and although my LL said that we wouldn't and was being very reluctant on give them a call I have persuaded her on doing it. So she asked me to check again the water meter to give them a comparison. Problem is that the meter went up of another 200 and something cubic meter in less than 12 days. But it does not seem to be a leakage as the meter was stopped when nobody was using water in the house.

My question is: should I expect to open a mortgage to pay my next water bill? Or perhaps/hopefully I miscalculated the bill?

It's a two bedrooms flat with two bathrooms where I live with my girlfriend. Just the two of us.
I work Monday to Friday and she does 12 hours shift from 3 to 4 times per week. So most of the time there's nobody in the house. We use dishwasher almost once a day, washing machine more or less one or twice per week, shower never a bath once a day for the both of us if she works otherwise less than 10 per week. And they do last less than 10 minutes. At least mine.

Thank you and sorry for the long post.


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    How do you know the leak, if any, was fixed?

    Are you sure the meter is only measuring your supply and not anyone else's as well?

    Have you checked that the meter is the one supplying the premises?

    200 odd cubic meters in a few days is a LOT of water and would most likely be noticed in the form of wet ground (apart from the rain) - have you included the last 3 digits in the reading as these should be ignored.
  • Because the leak was coming out from a pipe from outside the building and as soon as we realized that we called the LL who called the plumber who came the same day to fix it.
    I had a look just today to that the same pipe and it looks okay.

    Also, I made an experiment today. I came back home after work, the meter was 1202. I took a shower, brushed my teeth and then go out. The meter was still the same.

    When I came back I had a look and the meter was still 1202. So I believe there is no leak.

    Now my doubt is that the dishwasher and/or the washing machine have something wrong therefore are wasting too much water. They are running just now. Tomorrow morning before work I'll check again the meter.

    I've got a bad feeling..I mean in 24 days 14 of which we were not home the meter went from 796 to 1078. After fixing the leak, in about 12 days the meter went from 1078 to 1200. That is a lot, it is impossible we managed to use that much water and if it is true, it is a waste of water.

    My concern is that my LL does not seem to see that there is something wrong. However, we need to wait for Thames water to send us a form to see if we are entitled for a leaking allowance.
  • Forgot to mention.
    On the meter it says 1202.54 where 54 is in red and I did not consider only those digits.

    Also, when the leak was going on the meter was in override..the arrow on it was going like crazy. Now it is stopped unless we use the water, of course
  • Hi, I have a similar problem. Have you found the reason?
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