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Hi Guys

So I have 32k amex points from thr gold charge card which I need to use by the end of August but I have no idea what to do with them!

I have n travel plans coming up yet.

Can anyone suggest the best way of making use of these points i.e convert to hotel rewards - Radisson is giving 3 points for each amex point (not sure how long the rewards points last though) OR air miles OR anything else you guys can suggest would be very grateful



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    I have converted mine to Nectar points and used for shopping on ebay/sainsburys. I am not suggesting this is the best way, just my 2pence.
  • if you convert to nectar it also includes expedia
  • I'd say 32k would definitely contribute towards a nice holiday or something! I personally spend quite a lot of money on music and things on iTunes so every now and then I'll buy some iTunes vouchers with my points and buy some new albums.

    It depends what you want to do, the AMEX shop is very wide
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    Darren0291 wrote: »

    you could add more to your 32k by using my BA AMEX Premium referral link -
    You will get;
    - 26,000 avios instead of 24,000
    - a brand spanking new AMEX card
    - 1.5 avios per £1 spent, 3 avios per £1 is spent directly on BA
    - BA Companion ticket once spending has reached £10,000 in the year
    - my eternal gratitude

    you could treat a loved one to a 2-4-1 companion BA flight using your airmiles on premium class or business :)

    Thanks for the spam
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    but now you have quoted it, even if his post gets removed as spam your post still shows his words
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    MallyGirl wrote: »
    but now you have quoted it, even if his post gets removed as spam your post still shows his words

    No affiliate link though ;)
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    It really depends on what you want to use them for!

    Personally, I would convert to Avios and save them towards a long haul flight in business class.

    A return in business class to NY or Chicago is 100000 Avios on off peak days.

    Avios are OK for short haul reward flights in economy, but long haul economy is not good value for your points.

    But really I would suggest spending a couple of hours looking at https://www.headforpoints.com which is the best UK site for finding out how to maximise hotel and airline rewards.

    Did you max out the opportunities from your PRGC by
    1) Getting the "companion" card - spend £500, get 5000 MRs
    2) Adding a second cardholder to your account - get 3000 MRs

    If you haven't had these bonuses, it might be worth renewing your PRGC to get these 8000 points. You will initially pay a fee, but you can cancel later and get a pro rata refund.

    If you are considering getting the BA card, you can refer yourself! Use your referral link. Change the card type you are applying for. You would get 26,000 Avios for taking out the BAPP card (and spending £3K in 3 months), and 9000 MRs for referring yourself.

    The BAPP card is excellent if you want a "two for one" voucher. If you don't want the voucher, then downgrade to the free BA card once you have your 26K Avios (and 9K MRs) and get a pro rata refund of the annual fee.

    Another option would be to get the free Amex Rewards Credit Card, keep your rewards, and add to them while you make your mind up.
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