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Hi all,
I am a mechanic and just put my toolbox complete with tools in the back of my van, can anyone advise of the cheapest way to keep these insured from theft. The tool collection to buy again would cost me up to £20k. The van has additional security locks on it. Individual tool insurance quotes were up to £40 - 50 pm. Can you add it to house insurance even though its in a van etc?
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  • House insurance, I doubt it. Normally tools of trade are specifically excluded.

    Are you self employed/sole trader/ltd company? If so, have you asked whoever arranges your business insurance?
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    Assuming you are self-employed see if you can add this to your business insurance (eg public liability insurance often has tool cover as an add on, though expect lots of conditions on cover whilst in a van
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    Tradesman insurance will cover it, but the cheap and cheerful policies will require the vehicle to be stored in a locked building or secure compound overnight, which is not practical for many people.

    Leaving £20k of tools in a van overnight is asking for trouble.
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