Self-contained annexe insurance

Hi all,
I am trying to insure my mum's annexe that she lives in on our land. It is a converted garage and a separate dwelling for her. It has a council tax band but she is exempt due to her age and being a dependent. For the last two years our insurance company have insisted that her property is definitely insured and that by us adding up the total amount of rooms between our house and hers then we have our quote and are covered. However, after switching to another company and doing this today and phoning to check we were then told that we need to insure both properties separately.
My problem now is who do I believe? In the event of having to claim I don't want it dismissed due to 'false' information. The insurance companies do not have a clue about this and we are currently uninsured as it is taking so long to get an answer.
Please can anyone advise which is the correct option? If I try to insure as a separate dwelling it needs a house value which of course I do not have as it is an 'outbuilding' on my land. Do I need specialist insurance? Am I doomed to pay ridiculous premiums just because of this situation? Maybe landlord insurance, even though we take no rent from my mum?
If anyone has any knowledge of this I would be so grateful.
Thank you so much. :o


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