Repair and Protect appliance insurance


Moved into my home a couple of months ago and trying to get to grips with how well each of the appliances work. The condenser tumble dryer seems to have an issue in that it seems to heat up way too much. Its an Indesit. They said i could get an engineer out and get it fixed for 125 quid including parts, callout, etc and 3 month guarantee. Or I could take a Repair and Protect insurance with them costing 8.75 a month for 12 months. This will include parts, callout, accidental damage etc for 12 months. No excess. If within the 12 months the appliance is deemed irrepairable, they will replace with a new one of same or better model. I can also add another appliance to this insurance for extra 4 quid a month. I asked them to send me the terms and conditions for this so i could understand any exclusions etc but they said they don't do that. I think it's unfair to ask people to sign up to something without giving them full details? Anyway, the customer service guy gave me the "major" exclusions on the phone (cosmetic - scratches and dents, malicious damage, indirect cost caused by breakdown). Their underwriters are D&G. Can someone tell me if this seems like an ok insurance to take? I am also not sure where i can go compare various appliance insurances. I find this interesting because it has no excess. Also, apparently, after 12 months, if i wanted to renew for another year, the cost would not go up if i had made claims on these the previous year. All they look for during renewal is if the appliances are still in good working order. Should i be worried about "good working order"? Seems vague.. :(


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