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  • borntoshop
    borntoshop Posts: 2,177 Forumite
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    Bdpm2003 for the time and money spent, thanks.

    bdpm2003 and bdm2003one and the same by the way
  • wallzone
    wallzone Posts: 82 Forumite
    I nominate Bdpm2003 also for all the work she does on the puzzles and for working on them so quickly. Well done.
  • DUKE
    DUKE Posts: 7,360 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker First Post I've been Money Tipped!
    I too would like to vote for bdm2003 for all the hard work that s/he (sorry)does which enables us all to enter these comps :D
  • an1179
    an1179 Posts: 1,839 Forumite
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    A nomination for meerustar "Win a prize EVERY HOUR on Virgin Radio" on the competitions
  • Grunhilda
    Grunhilda Posts: 790 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    I nominate bdpm2003 for her contribution to the Puzzler Comps Thread. She buys puzzler mags, works hard on the puzzles and then shares the answers with the rest of us. A truly generous MSE'r!
  • princessmoneysaver
    Got to be bdpm2003 for me too, what a wonderful person you are. I won from that thread a while ago so thank you very much.
    2023 wins - Rice Krispies, Avene Micellar Gel, Barbie Toy, £20 Apple Gift Card, KFC 6 piece bargain bucket, Chloe Nomade perfume, Barbie Toy (second one), Sanctuary Spa Sleep Balm, E45 Moisturising Lotion, Trolls Hamper, 12 Tonie Characters, Sure deodorant, Good Home Utensil holder, £5 Costa Gift Card, Neutrogena Micellar Jelly, Soap & Glory Mascara, Persil capsules,  
  • Chas
    Chas Posts: 1,794 Forumite
    Please can I nominate this post from Southern Scouser:
    They need to ditch all these training days and brainstorming b0llocks and teach people proper toilet ettiequete in the work place.

    People are just bloody clueless.

    An example!

    I'm in trap number 1 of 4. Someone else enters the loo. Where should they go?

    Common sense tells you trap 4 for two reasons. Firstly, should it get busy, you only have one person dumping next to you. Secondly it's just not the done thing to set up camp next to someone elses trap when others are clean and available. Dirty barstewards.

    Next. If for some reason you insist in using the traps for a p!ss rather than the urinals, lift the f*cking seat up. Dirty barstewards!

    Also. Why and how do people manage to leave their chocolate logs in the crapper without any trace of toilet paper? If they aren't floaters, they flush. It's basic physics. Otherwise you aren't wiping your crack. Dirty barstewards.

    Aswell. Wash your hands. You've been poking your fingers around your poo pipe. It's unhygenic and it smells. If I find out I've shaken your hand and there are traces of battle ships under your finger nails, I have the right to stab you in the face. Dirty barstewards.

    Oh yeah. And don't answer your mobile while you're releasing the chocolate hostage. It's just wrong. Dirty barstewards.

    It's just so funny.
  • Esmeralda78
    My nomination must go to bdpm2003 for all her hard work. Good luck!
    Prizes for 2018
    Jan: Travel Goody Bag;Justice League Bundle; Two DVDs; CD; Bra; Omorovicza Radiance Mask;Hand Gel;Makeup Bundle; Hotel Break, Now TV box & £250 cash; PEK bundle; Wireless headphones; £50 Absolute Cult Voucher; Protein Drink
    Feb: Children's Party Pack;£20 Pizza Express Voucher; Maple Butter; Chocolate Hamper; Child's Helmet; Tea
  • JodieAnne1
    JodieAnne1 Posts: 1,844 Forumite

    A big thankyou to bdpm2003 for all her hard work :)
    :T You got to be in it, to win it!!!!:T
    Started comps 24.08.07. 2007 = £3190. 2008 = £3080 (Jan-July) :D
    Have just got back into comping since July 08!!!!
  • redroses_2
    I too would like to vote too, for all her hard work on the comp forum, all those puzzles done by her for us to just copy and enter.
    I think she deserves the monthly win.
    :j 2010 wins
    - Rizla Tin
    - Beanie Hat
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