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Old Style Daily Monday 30th July 2018

This is an “over the garden fence” type thread where we chat about everything Old Style and maybe a little bit more. It’s a great, inspiring and motivating thread we start each day to discuss what Old Style things we’re going to do today or what we’ve achieved already. Everyone’s welcome, please do come in, put your feet up (although check the fence hasn’t just been painted first!) and join us for an Old Style natter. The more the merrier!

As this is the Old Style Board, it would be appreciated if posts could include some Old Style content. Please be aware that many people may have small screens, or SLOW internet connections, so please don’t post large pictures, or clip art – links are preferred. When you make a post, if you feel like giving it a title, that will help others that don’t have the time to read everything skim through the thread quickly but if not it's not a problem. Please do not start a new daily thread before you go to bed at night because this often leaves things confusing with two daily threads live at the same time. The idea is that a member would start each new daily thread after they get up in the morning.


  • HollyharveyHollyharvey Forumite
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    Morning everyone :wave:

    After a couple of days of rain, the lawn is starting to show signs of turning green again. Everything looks so much fresher outside nice, and it is so good to see. I’m ready for the return of the warm dry weather now, only not as hot as it was before I hope.

    Today I’m going to go and get a bit of shopping and then have to return something to Debenhams in town. I will no doubt, stop for a coffee and some people watching on the way home. Other than that not a lot planned for today, probably a walk this afternoon and generally pottering around the house.

    TA you and MrTA are in my thoughts, andI hope that the appointment in Leeds goes as well as it can today. Good news that your DGDs friend was found and returned home.

    Gers I do hope that your mum is ok and that this isn’t the end of her independent life.

    Csarina thinking of you and your OH, I’m sorry that he is so unwell.

    Take care everyone, and I hope that you all have the best day that you can.
  • Good morning and thank you for starting the thread Hollyharvey.

    I will be going to spend some time with a friend later and looking forward to that.

    I'm thinking of Deleted_User, Gers and TA and hoping that things improve for you all.
    I was jumping to conclusions and one of them jumped back
  • SystemSystem Forumite, Community Admin
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    Morning all,

    stayed up late doing the laundry and watching TBO's plane land at Birmingham airport. :o It was due to take off at 11.05 but there was an hour and a half delay. She messaged me when she got off the plane and i went to bed. They all must be shattered today.

    Lots to do today in the house as you can imagine and need to fit in shopping too sometime today.

    Csarina I hope you get better news from the hospital today.

    Gers thinking of you and your dear Mum too.

    Onwards and forwards,

    have a great day all.
  • edited 30 July 2018 at 7:08AM
    nmlcnmlc Forumite
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    edited 30 July 2018 at 7:08AM
    Morning everyone

    hollyharvey - thanks for starting us off x

    Hugs to those that want/need one x

    Happy birthday to those with a birthday x

    Cloudy and dull start, but fresher and air more comfortable, forecast to get warmer again.

    DH up and gone to work stupid early, DS1 now getting ready for work and DS2 still in his pit, I'll wake him shortly as he spied the LO yorkshire batter and has requested pancakes - he'll catch a lift with me this morning so he can go to the gym.

    Lunch yesterday was roast pork, roasties, mash, cauli in cheese sauce, HG carrots, broc, peas, yorkshires and gravy - was all done in a bit of a rush due to putting the meat in the oven and going out and being out longer than expected and had everything to get prepped and cooked when we got back. Dinner tonight will be smoked sausage and mushroom pasta in creme fraiche sauce.

    Back to work today, it will possibly be busy as it's nearly 1st of the month, we'll see.

    Keep safe and well x

    nmlc x
  • redrubyredruby Forumite
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    Morning all

    We have had rain for over 24 hours I hope this has helped the plants / crops and filled the reservoirs back up a bit, but please can we have the sun back now ?? its meant to be sunny from 9 this morning with the high temps returning at the end of the week :D

    Not sure about dinner tonight will go and look in the freezer after this, I might do fajita's which is quick and easy.

    Yesterday I found a bag of tomatoes and courgettes on my door step from my neighbour so I fried both with some mushrooms and we had them with our pork chops and mash for dinner, they were very tasty.

    Camelot HB for yesterday for your dd xx

    Topsy not 'seen' you for a while are you ok ?

    Csarina I hope there is some improvement in your OH today xx

    Right better get on have good days all xx
  • RosyRedRosyRed Forumite
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    Morning all,
    I'm joining the early birds this morning, I got up an hour ago as Ly1a woke us barking:( Nothing to be seen outside,but there was a fly buzzing round :mad: Rain showers predicted for us today.

    Sending hugs to those with poorly loved ones,TA ,Csarina and Gers xx

    Weekend has been a bit full on with the DGC here from Friday lunch time till yesterday afternoon.I took them for a walk when they got here & we all paddled in the river,which is reduced to not much nore than a trickle atm,still chilly though :eek:They had a party on Sat afternoon so we had a rest and I got myself ready as we were going out for a meal-some friends are over from Australia.Nice to see them,it's 5 years since they last visited.Yesterday was heavy rain mostly,so we made cakes,and granola bars.Some of the cakes got eaten and the rest the kids took home.

    Tea was a bit cobbled together,I had 3 pork steaks & 1 gammon steak which DS2 had,sliced new pots ,veg and some coleslaw/salads that needed using up,apple crumble/ice cream to finish off.Need a big tidy up today but it stands a chance of staying ok for a few days,DGD is the messy one and she's off to the family caravan so isnt coming on Wednesday.

    Well I suppose I'd better go back upstairs and get dressed.I shall be hunting down that pesky fly later:D Warm wishes to all xx
    :heartsmil 'A woman is like a teabag: You never know her strength until you drop her in hot water'. (Eleanor Roosevelt)
  • TravellingAbuelaTravellingAbuela Forumite
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    Morning folks and thanks HOLLY. The forecast for today says we may have the odd light shower so don't know whether to peg the washing out or not. It's already in the basket awaiting my decision.

    Sounds like you are glad to be home JUDI. Sorry you didn't enjoy your time away. CSARINA I hope they soon get to the root of the problem with your DH and you get better news today.

    Mr TA's scans are this afternoon so need to be organised, ready and waiting in good time for the transport. Some drivers give you advance warning of when they will pick you up but others don't unfortunately. It's just a case of be ready and waiting. I am already dreading the results before he has even had the scans. As his tumour markers were up on his last bloods I am fearing bad news. It can be 2/3 weeks before the scan results are through so a long worrying wait.

    A few jobs lined up for this morning and, now the ground is soft with all the rain we have had, I really should go out and pull up all the weeds.

    Have a good day folks if you can and ((HUGS)) for the all poorlies, sad or worried who want/need them. Take care all xx
    "If you dream alone it will remain just a dream. But if we all dream together it will become reality"
  • Morning all

    Thanks for the thread Holly and hugs to all those in need.

    It's overcast here but not raining so we will probably move today after breakfast.

    Have a good day everyone.
    Hugs Hester
    Chin up, Titus out.
  • silver-oldiesilver-oldie Forumite
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    Good morning all

    Thank you for starting us off Holly

    Csarina, TA and Gers my thoughts are with you, hope today brings good news
    Judi sorry your holiday didn't work out

    Rain, we've had lots of lovely rain.
    Not sure what I'm doing today. Need to catch up on housework not done in the hot weather but we'll see :D

    Very excited, doesn't take much, I now have a courgette that's about five inches long, they've been rotting when tiny so looking forward to eating this one.

    Hope you all have a good day
    If you walk at night no-one will see you cry.
  • I_Love_compsI_Love_comps Forumite, Senior Ambassador
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    Senior Ambassador
    Morning Everyone,

    Will be thinking of TA and Mr TA.

    Did not post yesterday as I was so shattered. My hubby came home on Saturday early from complaining of a severe sore throat and saying he cannot swallow-but he has eaten slowly. He was ok to drive to my moms house and so while he sat there. I whizzed round all the rooms rearranging furniture and cleaning where needed , ready for putting the house up for this week. Not very mse, but on the way home I bought a ready prepared salad to throw on the plates for tea.

    As it is I am not feeling 100% and may need a trip to the doctors. My hubby is going to drs the today, first thing to see if he can get an appointment , then will probably stay at home the rest of the day.

    Plans for my day moms paperwork. Also need to arrange for the photographs to be taken at moms house .

    Also I hope summer returns soon. A bit of sunshine always cheers me up.

    On nice note our little hedgehog visited again last night and had some soft cat food I had put out .

    Have a good day all x
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