Buying property after (not legally) separated for 2 years

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I've separated about two years ago. We never got a divorce. I am now at the point where I wish to buy a property

So before anyone jumps into conclusions, I'm more than happy if I have to divide the property at a later stage. My options are either renting (100% loss) or risking a loss of the property after divorce, in which case I can always claim back something...

My question:
Since we lived separately for 2 years, with completely different finances and history of addresses, it seems feasible to me that this could be easily disputed as common property if she tries to claim it at a later stage.

On that sense (and since Ill have to hire a solicitor for the purchase) is there anything I could possibly do that would prove useful at a later stage?

So it seems I would need to prove I haven't used any of the common moneys from the relationship to fund this property and deposit, which seems quite feasible (I was in debt at the time, to be able to pay household expenses)


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    So you've given up the idea of a caravan/park home?
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    I think that this is one of those occasions where proper, paid for legal advice is worth it
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    Putting an offer is a commitment, but I understand things can still go bad. On that basis it is best to evaluate all the options (The mobile home would work best for me in the short time, so I'm keeping a close eye on that should my brick & mortar acquisition fall though)

    Don't mind me asking, but why linking both questions? I don't immediately see how it brings value.
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    Is there any reason not to get on with a divorce?
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    Uncooperative partner sadly. I've spent a good amount of time, money and and brain power getting things sorted but have failed to come to a good outcome so far. Fingers crossed it will happen at some time and we can all move on with life
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