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I made a claim on my car insurance in January when I was in an accident, and my car had a significant amount of repairs paid for by my insurers. Now my car insurance is up for renewal and the renewal quote is lower than last year stating I still have my 2 years no claims and I haven’t made any claims this year even though I don’t think I have any sort of no claims protection. Even when I go on the website in the ‘my claims’ section my accident which was previously there has disappeared. It’s like the insurers have completely forgotten about me being in accident. Am I allowed to accept their renewal even though I have been in an accident as they are the ones who have got their facts wrong?


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    no be upfront, you do not want a cancellation on your file as that will make you uninsurable.

    Call them up and tell them, failure to do so will be a bad thing for you, they may have made a mistake but you must make sure the renewal is correct with all current information
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    You could ask them to amend the documentation and try to get them to honour the invited premium on the basis they should have known about the claim on your policy, but there's no guarantee that they will. Complain if necessary.

    I assume it is definitely the insurer who has invited the renewal without the claim and not e.g. a comparison website that wouldn't know about the claim?
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    You are always asked to check your documents and notify anything not correct.

    You know this is a mistake.

    The claim will still be on the shared database used to prevent fraud.

    You can pay a small fee to cue to confirm this hasn't been expunged

    If you proceed on your route of blaming them, look out for karma

    A claim against you could be for millions of you cause life changing injury in your next crash.

    That would mean major problems as your insurer would turn on you to refund any payout they make. Think bankruptcy
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    Insurance is a dirty business. Dont just call them, send them an email and keep the email safe.

    They will make life difficult for you when you need them most.
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