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I'm looking for some help regarding reclaiming bank charges dating back to around 2007. I realise the new court case in 2009 has changed things but I wanted to check if there is still any possibility or worth in attempting to claim charges back which had a massive effect on me between 2007 and 2014.

At 17 I was living on my own and stupidly in going to university opened 3 accounts with overdrafts and proceeded to getting into terrible debt which not working at the time I could not afford to pay off, the constant charges on my overdrafts led to me going way over and being in a terrible state. The accounts then got defaults. For me the charges did this I was unable to keep up and to try and get any sort of grip on it they adversely effected my credit rating having an effect on me ever since and at the time I was in serious financial hardship. Presently I am not working at the moment and receiving benefits do you think there is anyway they would consider such a case?

Also with the accounts being in default would they look at it, and I don't have any account details is it easy enough to call and try and retrieve them.

Looking back it really was awful at the time firstly how a 17 year old could go into 3 banks and open up over 3 grand in overdrafts without a question and then to constantly get hit with £35 plus charges (Lloyds were the worst from what I remember) I certainly take responsibility for being so stupid but the charges did not allow me to try and get it under control.



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    You opened 3 accounts with three separate banks? All with overdrafts?
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    You've read up on the 2009 court case, you must therefore realise you CANNOT put in complaints about historical bank charges as the 2009 case killed off any such complaints. You can only ask for help with current financial hardship which does not mean you get any charges back either
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