HMRC not passing on payments to SLC

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Bit of a rant...

A few years ago I changed jobs. A couple of years later on my student loan statement was a line adding £1000+ to my loan because HMRC had decided my employer had not deducted anything from my salary for student loan for the previous 18 months.
HMRC were very extremely arrogant about it st the time when I rang them, blaming the SLC, me and my employer for it even though it was their mistake. It took a few months but SLC sorted it out once my old employer kindly emailed a copy of all my old pay slips.

My girlfriend changed jobs just over a year ago and has received her student loan statement saying that her employer hasn't taken any student loan deductions off her salary for the whole year (but fortunately not added anything to her loan). Her pay slips and P60 show otherwise.

Talking to a family friend who does payroll for other companies at an accountants, this is quite common when people change jobs. SLC said the same when they were sorting mine out.

Fortunately I keep a few years worth of payslips/P60s as I'm a bit of a hoarder, and my girlfriend has been keeping stuff since I told her to make sure she keeps things when she changes jobs.

Has anyone else experienced this?
It seems totally unacceptable in this day and age when everything's submitted electronically, made worse by HMRC denying there's a problem when you ring them up.


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    You are not a hoarder, you are doing what any sensible person does & keep their financial records for as long as they are needed. I kept my payslips every year until I got my P60 each year, which I then checked & then, and only then dumped my payslips for the year. So I have P60s going back to 1964. This is common sense. I have an acquaintance who worked for a company, one of those family ones that people work for all their working lives, this company very suddenly went kaput & the owners disappeared. It turned out they had never had any employees & never paid any tax or NI over, or had any records at all of those employees. This left those employees with no state pension & no records at all to claim any benefits. If they had had any P60s or even payslips showing their contributions they would have been alright. But after all the boss was a nice guy right!

    So always keep your own records - do not expect anyone else to keep them for you. Your employer is not your friend, he is in it to make a profit, which is fine, just don't let him make it at your expense.
  • There is a box asking whether or not you have student loan on the P45/46 that is handed to a new employer. This must be ticked if so, but I imagine a lot of people don't read the document or forget.

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