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I read some where ages ago on the forum that if you are with BT then you are paying to much.
I am paying to much!!!
However, I have not been well enough to sort this out.
I know I need to change to a cheaper provider but now I cannot find out what to do, via the forum.
Here is my phone use:
I do not answer the phone therefore I do not take incoming calls. There is one person, I do take calls from but always I know she is going to ring. The calls are infrequent but important to me. She would ring me less if it was only a mobile number.

I like having a system where I can find out who has called later in the day (I am usually not well enough to answer calls).

I only make about two outgoing evening calls to a friend per month (usually 60 minutes in length).

Occasionally I make calls to services, such as electric, gas, etc. (But not as often as I need to)

I have a mobile and currently pay £5.00 a month unlimted sim to O2

I stream a lot of data and are with Andrew and Arnold for that. I do not wish to change from them
Any thoughts would be appreciated as I am not physically able to process much written text at present. Thank you.


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    You should speak to Andrews and Arnold before changing landline provider. Changing landline provider may be 'cease-and-reprovide' incurring broadband reconnection charges from them.

    Andrews and Arnold can provide your landline for broadband at an extra £10 a month, but they do not allow phone calls on that landline - in or out.

    Andrews and Arnold packages start at £25 a month (200 GB per month), plus you are also paying line rental to BT.

    If you did change from A&A, example offers for broadband and line rental available are:

    Sky Ends Thu. '£8.33/mth' over 1yr contract
    Plusnet Ends next Tue. '£10.24/mth' over 1yr contract.

    Both these deals require you to claim cashback.

    Use the MSE Broadband Tool to see what's available in your area.

    With most providers, making just 2 hours of calls a month would probably be cheaper if you pay for inclusive evening/weekend calls.

    Post Office Homephone (phone line only, not broadband) including weekend calls is £11.50 a month.
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