Improving credit file as EU citizen

This is my first post here, I hope I'm in the correct place.

I'm a EU citizen living in UK, I moved here 2016 so coming up to 2 years now. I'm planning to apply for neutralization at some point, but won't be for the next few years. I live together with my (British) partner in a house that he has mortgage for. The plan is to sell the house in about 2-3 years and buy another one together & I am currently saving my pennies to be able to put forward a decent contribution towards the deposit.

One thing I/we are worried about, is my fairly non-existent credit report. I've had a current account with Halifax pretty much from the day since I moved here & I am on electoral roll. I have few direct debits going out of my account every month:
- Car insurance (in my partner's name, though as I wasn't given option for monthly instalments)
- Pet insurance
- Gym membership

I've been trying to get my head around the options I have to improve my credit file but it is very difficult since either Equifax or Experian even let me register on their sites since I have less than X amount of UK address history. :( It was the same story with CallCredit, but I was recently approved for Aqua card 3 months ago - which has provided me with access to my credit file on Noddle.

I am using my Aqua card for the weekly shop and pay it in full as soon as the statement comes in. The limit is currently only £300 but I'm hoping that'll increase son so I don't have to worry about the utilization % as much.

Is there anything else I should be doing to improve my file? How can (or can I) get my credit file from all 3 agencies?
I am worried of not being approved for a mortgage when the time comes. :(
My partner suggested that we could do the mortgage in his name and have a written agreement stating that I own XX% of the house, but I don't quite see that being a legit thing.


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    Hey there. I'm an EU citizen too, and you worry too much :D

    Noddle let's you view your CallCredit report. If you register with MSE Credit Club you can view your Experian credit report, and if you register with ClearScore you can view your Equifax credit report. All three are free.

    Use your Aqua as much as you can, always repay in full by Direct Debit. I took out an Aqua Reward card in November 2017, got a limit of 450, which has since been increased to 1450. I also took out an ASDA Cashback card at that time, which I only use for ASDA nowadays because they reduced the cashback rate.

    And finally I took out an American Express Platinum Cashback card in May and got a limit of 4500. This is now my main card, with the Aqua card used everywhere where I can't use AmEx.

    That's all there is to it. Use the card as often as you can, pay it in full via DD, never go over your limit and accept a credit limit increase when offered. After 6 months or a year, go for a better card to use, but keep the Aqua one. You'll have a spotless, even if mostly still thin, credit file.

    Good luck!
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    I've been known to worry too much about most things... :) Thank you for the tips though.

    I unfortunately can't register with ClearScore as I cannot provide enough UK address history (I believe it requires 3 or 5 years?). If I remember right, MSE Credit Club was the same.

    Experian lets me register but gives me an "Unable to verify your identity" error which ... somewhat worries me. I'd post a screencap but as a new user I can't
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    Some utility companies but not all report your account history to the credit reference agencies. British Gas and Eon are examples so you could try swopping to them in your name first. You might pay more for your energy.

    Car insurance generally only reports to CRA if paying by instalments. Paying annually wont appear on your credit file.

    Mobile phone on a contract? Again, not all companies credit report but I know Vodaphone does.

    A written agreement about a mortgage is pointless for these purposes.

    Your pet and gym memberbership may not be being reported to CRAs.

    Your % utilisation of £300 could be quite high. Suggest you continue to use the card, but pay weekly. That way your turnover will increase, so you will probably be offered a higher limit.
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