Home insurance on a new property - no burglar alarm or smoke alarm giving me a high quote

Hi, I am buying a house - exchanging this week and need to get my buildings/content insurance in place.

The current owners do not have a burglar alarm, or smoke alarms, and I am getting insurance quotes for £300 to £800 which I would guess is because of this.

I intend to install both burglar and smoke alarms as soon as I am in the property - but they won't have this at the point of exchange so I don't want to under-insure.

Will insurance companies just adjust my premium once these are installed? Any experiences of good companies to go with?



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    They should though to be honest its unlikely to have much on an impact. More likely is the area you are moving to and the insurers experience in that area but there are several other factors.
    Obviously smoke alarms are a must but most people ignore house alarms these days.
    Put through a quote including them to see what difference it makes just make sure you don't accept it on that basis.
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    Alarms discount only usually applies if you have a centrally connected alarm. Not an unconnected noisy one that everyone ignores. Plus, the alarm must be active every time.
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    £300 is not too bad!

    Why not buy one of these and ask if the vendors will put it somewhere out of the way http://www.argos.co.uk/product/7002991

    Job done for the fire alarm.

    Burglar alarm is a different matter.
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