MSE Poll: How do you feel now about Brexit?



  • coffeehound
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    Abandoned wrote: »
    EU Citizens in UK, and UK Citizens in EU are in limbo and have been used as bargaining chips by the UK.

    Really? I was under the impression the EU has already won that point and EU nationals in the UK will continue to be protected by the European Court of Human Rights after Brexit?
  • roddydogs
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    staggered wrote: »
    According to this, 90% of people who voted leave still want to leave. 98% of people who voted remain still want to remain. The large majority of people who didn't (or couldn't) vote in the last referendum want to remain.

    This suggests that a second referendum would be a narrow win (53/47?) for remain.

    Although the polls said much the same last time, of course ...

    How do you know a large maj who didnt vote want to remain?
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  • pjcox2005
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    roddydogs wrote: »
    How do you know a large maj who didnt vote want to remain?

    I think that’s taken from the poll, of the 660 people who said they didn’t or couldn’t vote at the referendum, over 450 people (c.70%) have said they’re unhappy to leave.
  • When Cameron resigned after Brexit I expected a general election not that May would become PM. I believe the only reason she's got the job is because whilst she was home secretary at the home office, which was storing 114 files on politicians involved with sexually abusing children, they all went missing.

    She's corrupt to the core, as are all conservatives, they only serve themselves and help the richest people - as proved by the fact that since they got into power there have been more billionaires created in the UK than ever before.

    We have the highest number of homeless people. People on benefits who are sick and disabled are being continously denied their money and of those who go to appeal, 71% have their benefits returned. These are people who are ill, some terminally ill and this is the way this disgusting government is treating them.

    I am hoping that Corbyn gets into power next, as quickly as possible, because he has promised to help these people, to help the homeless and to help everyone who needs help - like our NHS which has been so severely underfunded (even though our national insurance contributions are in surplus by billions, the gov' isn't spending the money on the NHS as they should be) and they are privatising it because that makes them all even more money. Many of the conservatives have their grubby fingers in private health companies, so they are making millions.

    Anyone who thinks the EU is good to be a member of - just remember that it was the cons that took us into it, the !!!!! Ted Heath to be exact. So, of course, I'm not happy with it. We're paying billions to a bunch of corrupt crooks in the EU as well as the cons.

    I just want the talks done by someone who is trustworthy and that's Corbyn.

    If you want a future that's better in the UK, please vote labour next time.
  • discat11
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    Frankly whilst any administration wants to honour the phrase 'brexit means brexit' then ANY actual exit from the EU (i.e. not having EU on our passports and not having any involvement in EU laws or decision making post March 2019) is what leavers voted for.

    Whether we are still in the CU, are subject to the ECJ or any other EU legislation then or forever after is absolutely bu**er all to do with leavers/remainers or anyone else in the UK, leavers voted to give power back to the UK executive and it is precisely that executive that will decide what you get.
  • sultanim
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    If you couldn't be arsed to vote, then surely you should not be voicing an opinion now .... you had your chance.
  • Matthew2018
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    Look over the parapet at the state of the EU. You will find large divisions in many countries, including Germany, over such things as immigration. If you expand immigration to include illegal immigrants coming from Africa, then some of the Southern European countries such as Italy and Spain feel that they are getting a raw deal.

    Immigration, on its own, could destroy the EU, but this isn't the only contentious issue. Even if ways to overcome any contentious issue could be found it will still tend to result in one size fits all. It doesn't really, does it? Is the deal going to work for the large countries such as Germany and the smaller ones such as Greece wiithout massive inequalities?
    However, the real destroyer of the EU is going to be the Euro. This is living on borrowed time. Again it makes some countries stronger (Germany) at the expense of others (Italy and Greece).

    When these forces blow the EU will go down.

    Can we stop bickering and get out as soonest with as few restrictions from the EU as possible.
  • HornetSaver
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    All of those people that are badgering the government to disclose our position in minute detail on a day to day basis are not helping the negotiation process.

    This I could agree with, if there was some sort of semblance of vision from the Government at any point over the past two years. Chequers, which concluded less than a week ago, is the first time that the British public, Remain and Leave together, can say "we now have a decent idea about the Government's vision of what Brexit will look like."

    Had they come up with something like this twelve, fifteen, eighteen months ago, then whether you liked it or disliked it, you could at least say you knew what the baseline was.
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