Virgin atlantic credit card - additional card holder refused - any ideas why?

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I'll try to be as comprehensive as possible:

I was declared bankrupt and MBNA linked to virgin atlantic mileage account was one of the creditors.

Since then I've cleaned up my credit file, have two non sub prime credit cards and a 123 account along with my barclays premier account. I qualified for car finance via mercedes and generally am regarded as a decent bet. I was lucky compared to some.

The only negative is one default for £30 froom OCtober 2012 which will fall off this year - I've basically given up arguing with Three over it.

For years, husband has had MBNA virgin card linkd to my mileage account and we have LOTS of airmiles which we are saving up for specific reasons. I was an additional card holder.

However MBNA no longer link with Virgin air miles which is fine.

So I myself applied for a virgin card and got decline. I was ok with that. Assumed that it was either the default for £30 or I'd been black listed because of shared data with MBNA.

SO husband applied for one - and got it with a decent credit limit (£10000). Unfortunately it can't be linked to my air miles account but we can live with that.

Because we like to maximise the air miles, we asked for an additional card holder card for me.

It was declined which seemed odd because the person whose responsible for the account is husband not me. It says on their website that the second card holder just has to be over 18 and resident in the UK and live in the same house - which we do - but that the account holder is still responsible.

The letter stated that "an additional card holder cannot be added to the account at this time"

I can only think there are three possibilities.

1. We asked too close to the account being taken out and they want to see it running for a few months first - except it doesn't say that on the website

2. They don't like it because of my default of £30 from 6 years ago - which seems a little ridiculous because husband is still legally responsible

If its either of these when we ask again in October I would imagine it goes through. In fact I might reapply in my own name then.

But there is:

3. They will never ever ever deal with me because of MBNA who were a separate company.

Which again is fine its their rules but it seems harsh to prohibit a second card holder.

After that long rambling - does anyne have any insights on what might actually be the reason.


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