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MSE News: M&S Energy ends partnership with SSE – shining a light on its big six tie-up

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SSE and M&S Energy have announced that their supply partnership is set to end in September - all M&S Energy customers will see the M&S Energy branding disappear as they're officially moved across to the big six supplier...
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'M&S Energy ends partnership with SSE – shining a light on its big six tie-up'
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  • robin58robin58 Forumite
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    One word of warning to all M&S electricity users who move to SSE.

    At the end of your current deals I can guarantee the price of your electricity will go UP.

    They did it to me when they took over the old Ebico accounts.

    Get ready to move to another supplier.
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  • EzorqsEzorqs Forumite
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    If you need the customer service there are worse options and there are better options but you more or less get what you pay for (see Iresa). If you don't need customer service then I highly recommend the smaller suppliers, often they score quite well for customer service on MSE surveys but of course, this depends on how much pressure they are under and bigger companies are typically able to deal with that pressure better.

    That said, I always wondered why the Ebico prices had skyrocketed, now I know. For pay as you go none of the big six are worth it. In the slightest.
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