I know I'm being thick but...............

My daughter is coming to the end of year 10 so there's three years to go before she starts Uni. However last week she enjoyed an excellent free three day taster at the Royal Agricultural University and thoroughly enjoyed it so we're having lots of conversations - one of them being money.

I've just been looking at a BBC article at https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-44041568 and something jumped out at me;

"Scottish students already get free university tuition in Scotland, as do students from other EU countries, but those from England, Wales and Northern Ireland have to pay to study there.

The Scottish government meets the cost of Scottish students and EU law makes clear students from EU countries cannot be offered a worse deal than home ones."

To my simple mind that discriminates against the English, Welsh and Northern Irish as everyone else in the EU could be educated for nothing.

Hasn't anyone ever complained about this to the EU? My argument would be that my daughter is an English Citizen, England is in the EU so we're getting a worse deal than another EU Citizen.

What am I missing?


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    Couldn't point you to the Law but from what I know it's ok for member states to discriminate against its own citizens but not those from other member states.

    It's the same reason EU members can bring non EU spouse to live in the uk very easily, no income requirement etc but British people can't use that Law to do the same.
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    As shel says European Law says that the Scottish government also has to provide free tuition at Scottish universities for students from other EU countries - but not for those from other parts of the UK.

    It is possible to discriminate between students from different parts of an individual member state but not not to discriminate against those from other parts of the EU.
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    Thanks for the info. Nice to know it's a level playing field (not).
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    Goldwing1 wrote: »
    Thanks for the info. Nice to know it's a level playing field (not).

    The main reason why Scottish universities charge fees to rUK students is because English universities chose to charge Scottish students first. The playing field may not be level but it's got a hill at both ends. If you don't agree with the situation, take it up with your MP (but don't hold your breath for any change being made).
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