Muppett at the O2

I bought two tickets at the o2 for the Muppets for £100 each and bought the best available seats. have just released tickets at a far lower price which are situated in better seats.

They obviously havent had many sales, but does anyone think I will have any recourse to get the better seats or a price refund?

And dont say it, I feel like a muppet.......


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    Wouldn't have thought there's much you can do about it. You already have your tickets, and presumably were happy with the cost you paid (until you saw a better offer).

    If you'd waited, you may have got better/cheaper tickets (as your post), but you could have ended up without anything as all the tickets had been sold. You could have waited until the day, to see whether there were any returns, which could have been a great bargain, or hiked prices, depending on the supply and demand.

    With anything like this, you have to weigh up the options and associated risks. Sometimes it pays off, other times it doesn't....
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    The way I would look at it is that you have definitely had those seats reserved.
    Anyone that waited would not have had that guarantee.
    Sometimes paying for things in advance is more expensive but you have the reservation and sometimes that is worth paying for.
    I cannot think of any situation where you'd get redress if prices went down.
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