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Car insurance for move to Ireland

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Car insurance for move to Ireland

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Please advice, my daughter, 21, is moving to southern Ireland for a 1 yr placement job as part of her degree. We know that normally she would have to register her car 1 month after arrival in Ireland and get Irish insurance, which is ok. Note that on the other hand as a student she would be entitled for exemption up to 12 months. But my immediate question is how to get there in the first place?

I have looked into temporary insurance and many other options, the best way I came up with is to get a normal annual insurance which includes usually 90 days in EU, and then cancel it after one or two months. In that time she can register the car and get Irish insurance. Because all temporary insurance says that the car has to be back in the UK at the end, and is also very expensive.
She have one more day to decide, she currently does not have any insurance on the car yet.
Please advice. Thanks a million.


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    Can she not just get a green card extension to her existing UK policy to cover her for the first few weeks in Eire?
    If the car has to re-enter the UK after 90 days, she simply has to cross the border to N. Ireland to comply with that?As a foreign student, it shouldn't need to be registered in Eire for 12m. However, it would still need to be taxed and presumably MOT'd in the UK, and the insurers would need to be informed of a change of address.
    If she registers it in Eire then she'll have to pay VRT, and get Irish plates etc.
    I suggest she speaks to her existing insurers, as this can't be such an unusual requirement.
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  • Thanks but this is her first, she doesn’t currently have any insurance. The car has valid tax and MOT in the uk. It is a good point about driving to the border though.
    I think we will go ahead with this plan, who knows maybe once we have it the insurance will manage to extend it for longer than 90 days, given the special circumstance.
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