Old Fashioned Water Butt?

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I have an old dustbin which i placed under the extension guttering to catch rain water as there is no drain, i have used this method for the last 5 years or so.
I use a bucket to bail out water for the garden with it, however i fancy a change and i'm thinking of something similar but better looking and with a tap.
I can't help but notice that these modern butts seem to have lids on and pipes to connect them to the guttering which looks more complicated than i thought and without a drain might not work for my set-up.
As i don't have a drain for this small piece of guttering i am thinking of dismissing the closed in pipe versions and looking more towards just a container with a tap, i am so far unable to find much in the way of open top versions.
Am i missing something here?:think:
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    I think the lid serves two purposes, one it stop leaves etc falling in, and more importantly it stop kids falling in should they get a bit too adventurous, plus squirrels etc

    If the above is not a bother, why not just leave the lid off? or cut a hole in it?

    You may be able to get a subsidised butt from local council or water co, mine was, worth looking if not already done so
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    These things look like a good water butt, perhaps screened off by some slatted fencing


    I guess you ultimately want some kind of managed overflow pipework though as you don't want excess water soaking into your foundations or wall.
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    If you are looking to get a standard water butt I do not think they look particualrly nicer than a bin in any case, in which case why not just fit a tap to the bottom of your 'water bin'?

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    The ibc tanks when full of water weigh around a tonne. So make sure whatever it stands on can base take the weight if you go for that. You can also get taps for them that can take hoses on ebay. But like most wb you need them raised off the ground, I also have a hole at the top to allow excessive water to go. Also have it wrapped up in black plastic as the water this time of the year will go green thats why wb are often not clear. Two years ago this month I had pneumonia I put it down to handling green water and you dont want that
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    I have an ibc tank for rain water from garage roof
    its on hard standing
    it sits on top of 3 rows of 3 concrete blocks 9"X18"
    then 3 wooden pallets
    the concrete blocks are under the wooden blocks of the pallets
    there is not much water pressure when full, so I have an old water tank which I put into the wheel borrow fill up and wheel that round the garden to water the plants
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    I have four water-butts and a dust-bin, in the winter they all get filled up. Butt one is connected to the garage drain-pipe, and when full overflows - via connector hose into butt two.
    Once, these are full, I manually transfer by bucket from one/two into butt four - which when full overflows into butt three.
    I used to have a fish tank, and the waste water from a 'clean' would go in the bin, likewise from the pond - it gave me a reservoir of fertile water!
    When spring comes, and I need water for the greenhouse etc., I just fill up a watering can.
    currently with the heat-wave - they're all empty, and I have to resort to a water hose!
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