MSE News: Morrisons to reward customers who bring their own containers for meat and fish

Morrisons shoppers will be rewarded with loyalty points for the next month if they bring their own containers for meat and fish, under changes announced by the supermarket to cut down on waste...
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'Morrisons to reward customers who bring their own containers for meat and fish'
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  • Norman_Castle
    Norman_Castle Posts: 11,871 Forumite
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    This is prejudiced against vegetarians.
  • Paul_DNAP
    Paul_DNAP Posts: 751 Forumite
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    This is prejudiced against vegetarians.

    No it isn't, they are allowed to get the 100points bonuses the same as everyone else. However, they can't eat what they buy, and that's their choice and not the supermarket discriminating.
    (Although I could be wrong, I often am.)
  • ValiantSon
    ValiantSon Posts: 2,586 Forumite
    This is prejudiced against vegetarians.

    Please tell me that you aren't being serious.
  • edinburgher
    edinburgher Posts: 13,457 Forumite
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    ValiantSon wrote: »
    Please tell me that you aren't being serious.

    I'm pretty sure it's a wind up :)

    Good for Morrison's though, leading by example.
  • wishus
    wishus Posts: 1,189 Forumite
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    This is awesome news! Should be doubly environmentally helpful for those popping to the shops on the way home from the office, as orphan tupperware in office kitchens is a universal issue too. (Take your pick, just got to match the lids!)
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  • carlislelass
    carlislelass Posts: 1,776 Forumite
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    Also changing to paper bags for fruit/veg from today
  • aj23_2
    aj23_2 Posts: 1,155 Forumite
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    This is prejudiced against vegetarians.

  • Good in one way. But bad in others most fruit and veg doesn't need a bag of any sort. Also I've seen pre packed bananas and cucumber halfs in 2 layers of plastic wrapping. Ridiculous.
  • DigForVictory
    DigForVictory Posts: 11,905 Forumite
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    Just once anxiety - how soon before Morrisons is sued for food poisoning caused by food brought home in an not-clean-enough container?

    I'll take a risk on the reusable coffee cup as I clean it, I drink from it & I'll take the fall if I fail in that, but meat & fish can do quite a bit of damage if not looked after properly.

    Does anyone know what precautions Morrisons is taking, if any?
  • mrssd
    mrssd Posts: 67 Forumite
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    I would hope that meats and fish go into an inexpensive, thin, biodegradable bag - the type similar to the cheap dog poop bags that your fingers go right through - and a cost label is stuck on this bag. Then you place it into your own container with the lid off, or unsealed) and only seal it once it has gone through the checkout. It would save on those infernal plastic trays, which are not recyclable - not to mentioned the clingwrap.

    I think it is a brilliant idea and Morrisons are to be applauded for implementing this. I just need to visit now and see for myself how it works.
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