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Ordered the MSE Blagged 70 plants for £7.99, opening an JPD account.
Few days later get an email from JPD offering what's seems to be the same package for £5.99.
Only 2 quid but bit annoying as I trust MSE to be most competitive.


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    You haven't seen the plants yet either...

    Mass-produced plants have no fixed unit prices, as these will drop through the season reflecting the steady fall-off in demand. If MSE has a deal which isn't especially popular, then it's more than likely the grower will drop the price even further to clear stock.
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    I agree with Davesnave. At the time - and this is significant - MSE probably did offer a good deal. However, as time goes on, and there's a very short period they can still sell summer bedding, it gets more urgent to get rid of stock. Prices can reduce day-on-day, and as you've bought from them already, they're hoping to offload some more to you.
    I must admit, I'm always very skeptical of 'end of the season' bargains. You're basically getting what no one else wants, and in addition, even if they're garden ready, they've been stuck in their little trays for too long and they either have roots that are so tightly packed in they take ages to grow properly, or the roots are spindly.

    I use a small independent nursery for my plants. The people there actually know about plants so I listen to their advice. They do have offers - not as good as the mail order giants, but good enough for me. I might have paid a little extra but my summer bedding looks wonderful now, whereas if I'd waited, it'd be a few weeks at least before I had anything.
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    Received my hanging baskets today after chasing delivery. Was told delay due to severe staff shortages. Baskets arrived bone dry and half dead. Very disappointed and a complete waste of money.
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    I ordered 4 hanging baskets, 2 petunia which are beautiful and 2 trailing geraniums which were mould when they arrived after 5 weeks waiting for them, I complained to Jersey Plants and they sent out 2 more which eventually arrived today and guess what, they are both mouldy after another 16 days of waiting and I now have no hanging baskets. Guess who I won't be buying them from next year :mad::)
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    Its botrytis its down to current humidity and lack of airflow I would guess that due to the current heat they are overhead watering on the dutch trolley which just makes everything rot.
    In fairness all the nurseries are suffering this year, ive lost count on the amount of baskets and containers I've replanted this year as things have gone over and I make them on a lot smaller scale.
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    Personally I would never recommend anyone buy preplanted baskets over the net, always go to your local nursery (not garden centre) as they take a personal interest in ensuring the quality and that the customer is completely satisfied. Over the years we have made hundreds, mostly for repeat customers.
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    I am well please with the 3 types of begonia plugs that were delivered in Mid April. There were 680 of them for £20 of which I kept about 250 and gave the rest away. They are doing well and the Apricot Sparkle are over 30cm tall.
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    I'm pretty sure MSE get paid by Jersey Plants to advertise these so called offers - they also used to do a lot from T&M - if MSE was really concerned about us saving money rather than themselves making money they would never advertise these bulk plant deals as most people have pointed out here you invariably get loads of little rubbishy plants - You'd be much better off buying less bigger good quality plants. I've pointed this out to MSE in the past when I've found genuine good offers for quality plants that I've found myself - I asked them why they don't promote my genuine offer in place of their JP offer - understandably they didn't respond!!!!:mad:
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    Had problems with their website resulting in me repeating an order 3 times !! when I rang to query and cancel (very expensive - classed as overseas call?!) I was assured that the 3 orders had been cancelled. Lo and behold a box of plants turned up yesterday for which I was charged £14.
    Also not a mixed selection as per the misleading website. I now have 70 wallflowers and 70 pansies which I didn't want???!!!!! Despite e-mailing them they refuse to acknowledge my order was cancelled and refuse to refund. I WONT BE USING THEM AGAIN - BE WARNED !!!
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