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Credit Card payment not posted to statement

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Credit Card payment not posted to statement

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edjamedjam Forumite
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Hello - I am hoping someone here can help.

On 10 June I made a payment (in US Dollars) using my Lloyds Bank American Express credit card (no FX charge using this card) to a payment company as a deposit for a holiday in 2019. I have received email confirmation from the payment company that the payment has been received (and the travel company has confirmed the same).

When the transaction was processed, the available credit on the card was deducted by the appropriate amount as you would expect. However, at no stage has the amount been taken from my card, nor has the payment company ever appeared as a pending payee. As of this week, the credit limit has been reinstated automatically. Lloyds Bank have no record of the payment. I have checked with the merchant and the card company and they are adamant that they have received the payment, and that the delay is at my/Lloyds' end. From my basic understanding it looks like a payment was authorised, but never taken, and the merchant/payment company systems are incorrectly confirming receipt.

Has anyone else experienced this? My girlfriend has experienced exactly the same issue. We basically want our card statements to tally and not to be landed with a big bill at some unknown date in the future!

Any help is gratefully received.

Many thanks,


  • nyermennyermen Forumite
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    This has happened on my visa & mastercard a couple of times in the last 10 years. I'm a diligent budgetter (YNAB etc), so I noticed immediately that something hadn't cleared.
    In the first case (BP in guildford), it took nearly 3 months to appear. I think here a payment batch went wrong and it was manually sorted.
    In the second case (waitrose in Woking), it took about a month to appear.

    Sorry, I don't know more than that.


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  • agrinnallagrinnall
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    It's pretty common for retailers to miss taking a payment even after it's been authorised, but less so for them to say they have the money but for it to still not appear on your statement. While it's possible that Lloyds may have lost it somewhere it's probably more likely that the request for payment hasn't actually been made to Lloyds, despite what the travel company is telling you.

    If you keep the money available for 6 months then if the payment does go through it'll be there to cover it. After 6 months they have to advise you that they intend to take it so you could move the money to somewhere it'll earn a bit of interest. After 6 years it's yours to spend (although I have one that has not been taken 3 years after the transaction was first processed and I'm doubtful if I'll ever hear from them again).
  • edjamedjam Forumite
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    Thanks for the responses guys - ring fencing the money as we speak!
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