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Teen Cash Class Guide: Free PDF Discussion Area

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This is the discussion area for the totally free, downloadable PDF

Quick note from Martin

The teen cash class is based on a class I taught for a day for an ITV programme (as explained in it). My aim with the guide is to try and explain the basics of dealing with money and dealing with companies.

THe hope is the guide will work either as a standalone for teens (or adults for that matter) to read, or to be used and worked through with parents or teachers.

It would be wonderful if you use it to feedback; so we can see if it can be improved. Does it work as a teaching guide? How did the teens react? Is there anything that doesn't work or could be done better?



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  • Excellent!

    I intend to run through it with my less-than-money-saving-expert 14 year old nephew.
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    I have just tried to get the free teen cash guide and when clicked on the page is completely blank has anyone else had this problem. If anyone has had success in downloading please would you tell me how you did this. In great need of this guide. Many Thanks
  • Hi Martin,
    I am a treacher and have responsability to deliver the "Financial awareness" part of the curriculum in my school.
    I think this is a great resource and I will be using it in my lesson. I will also ask for feedback from the pupils and I'll let you know.

    Thanks for making my job easier.
  • I am a teacher too and would be interested in getting hold of a copy of the 'tonight programme' to use with my class, preferably on DVD, would we be able to get it from anywhere?
  • Tao81Tao81 Forumite
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    Thanks Martin et al. Great resource, much appreciated. Doubt my teenager will cope with reading complete file in one sitting but free downloadable pdf fantastic idea!....will be opening it up regularly to gently keep reinforcing the messages contained within.
    Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle. :A
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    Have been lurking for a while now but needed to say a massive thank you for this guide. I am responsible for year 11 in my school (15-16 year olds) and I include some finance awareness in their PSE course. This guide will be invaluable. I will also be looking at how we can integrate some of the exercises in other areas of the curriculum, especially in maths. Cheers again!
  • MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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    For the teachers responding. Im trying to get DVDs of the programme from ITV... more news in next week's e-mail
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  • Is anybody else having trouble opening this article. My computer keeps crashing:mad:
  • Thought your article was great. I think you should consider emphasising the benefit of using Credit Cards rather than Debit Cards when buying online to protect against supplier default/fraud.

    Also the benefit of spending throughout the month using a credit card, getting rewards of between 1p and 3p per £ spent, and paying the whole debt off each month - can add up to £100's in a year!
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    I want to print this excellent article for my son, but the pages are not printing as shown on screen. It is printing with a white font on a black background. I only printed pages 38 and 37 and had to cancel the operation as I will soon run out of ink!

    Anyone else with the same problem?
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