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Can anyone help with advise please? I managed to agree a full and final settlement for my IVA in June 2017. All confirmations were received. After chasing my CC I was told they have 12 months in which to issue it , waiting for any PPI etc. Upon calling and asking for my CC last week, was told they had extended the time it was taking by 6 months, legally, because they now were seeing if there was a mis-sold mortgage approx 14 years ago.
Can they do this? Do I have any recourse?
Would really appreciate any help.


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    Its only a piece of A4 paper when alls said and done, most important thing is when it all comes off your credit file.

    They will send you it in due course, let them play there little games.
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    Hi Chevasse and welcome to MSE,

    Your only recourse would be to raise a complaint. It would be best to do this in writing, send it recorded delivery and keep a copy. Outline how you want this resolved and if they fail to do this then you can consider escalating it.

    Normally you would complain to your Insolvency Practitioner first. If it remains unresolved it would normally be escalated internally first before you can consider going to their professional body. IVA providers should be part of one of several professional bodies, you can find out which one and take the complaint up to them if that is necessary.

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  • Hi

    I am having the same problem
    I finished paying Feb 2017 and I am getting no response when I email. If I call, the phone goes dead!
    I really want to get a mortgage but the IVA is still on the register. Getting fed up now :(

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    when i cam off my IVA in Feb 2016, i agreed to sign a waiver for any further PPI to be paid into the IVA, interest payments etc as well. No, this was not ongoing interest and money winfalls and inheritance, just old accounts still under investigation into PPI. I had no issues with this, as no further work for me. i got the certificate 4 weeks after final payment was made.

    all my defaulted accounts remained on credit files until 6 years was up. TBH i cannot remember if the IVA mark was also there, but pretty sure it was until 6 years from the start of the IVA
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    Who was Iva with
  • Craig1981Craig1981 Forumite
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    Lilia wrote: »
    Who was Iva with

    with Grant Thornton, (now called Aperture)
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    We are having the same problem Craig1981! My husband spoke to them about 5 weeks ago and they said it should of been sorted and they would send it in 2 weeks! We finished paying May 2017
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    Jessy07 wrote: »
    We are having the same problem Craig1981! My husband spoke to them about 5 weeks ago and they said it should of been sorted and they would send it in 2 weeks! We finished paying May 2017

    Prior to finishing our IVA, i heard the same thing - stories that took age and ages to complete.I dont know if we were lucky enough to get it done so quickly or not.

    I would suggest emailing and putting a deadline in the email for response. Also, have you signed up to Noddle, Clearscore or Moneyclub? on these free credit report sites, you will see what is still in default, is the IVA still active etc... if all is clear on there, then i wouldnt worry too much about the completion certificate, but if you need it for proof to clear things on your file, then keep chasing

    TBH, i only had to use the certificate once for Lloyds bank to tell them it was completed and to "satisfy" the debt on our credit files
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