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I was wondering what people were thinking of the letter I received from HSBC regarding a recent credit card application I had with them.

In March I applied for a HSBC credit card in order to do a balance transfer after checking playing like Money Saving to see how eligible I was and came back 90/95%. After getting the reference number saying my application was being processed I left it at that expecting an email within the 5 days they would let me know.

After over a week I heard nothing so I called them to check. It was on this occasion I was told they had no record of my application. Unfortunately I didn't make a note of the first reference number but I never needed this before. After speaking to them they said the issue was I said that I had an account with them when I said I didn't. I have a mortgage with them and never thought of this as an account as such like an current account. It was only when I I was on the phone to them I looked at my mortgage reference number I never realised the 14 digit number was a sort code and account number together.

Anyway I told them I was going to leave it then and got a credit card through the Post Office paid in 3 days!

So I left it and then I got a letter from HSBC telling me my application had been unsuccessful. Funny that considering they said I hadn't applied. A month or so later I got a letter saying you have been successful in my credit card application! I didn't apply again and it appears that they randomly reapplied for me.

I have now received a letter from them saying they processed 3 applications for me, One on 19/03/18 the original application and two on 23/04/08 which were processed in error. They have said all 3 will be removed from my credit history as a result and they are offering me £100 compensation.

To me it seems they are running a little scared as they are offering me £100 in compensation. Yes this would be nice but I would think banks usually offer a minimum compensation and I'm wondering if I take this to the Financial Ombudsman may they be in bigger trouble and have to compensate me much more.

Just wondering what peoples views on this are?

I can't seem to add the letter as an attachment on here


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    That's a very generous offer.

    I suspect even FOS would not consider you deserve more, given there is no loss to you and HSBC may withdraw their offer.

    Grab it with both your hands.
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    Take the money and have a good night out.
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    They made an error and have corrected it by removing all three. As an offer of apology £100 is very generous considering how little it actually affected you in terms of inconvenience?

    Too many people try and gouge companies for compensation which is why we all end up paying for it in terms of interest rates, fees etc.

    I would gracefully accept what you have been offered.
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    Had something very similar from them, though didn!!!8217;t get any compensation. Only a minor irritation and no way to put a value on that. Just makes me think that they!!!8217;re a bit rubbish and less likely to do future business with them.

    Compared to Amex or even Barclaycard their support is utter rubbish.
  • The_BloodsterThe_Bloodster Forumite
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    Thanks for the feedback. I thought it was generous too and was quite shocked as I expected to be fobbed off. I think I will be taking them up on their offer I just wondered if people had heard of this before and whether they were trying to get off very lightly
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