Hit by a stolen car

Over the weekend my parked up car was hit by stolen car that was in pursuit. The police caught the offender and advised that the car was running on false plates. I was advised ny the police officer that my insurance company will claim this from the stolen cars insurer and provided us with the actual plate number to pass onto my insurer. My insurer has advised as the car was stolen it'll have to come from my insurance.

Who should I believe?? Can anyone help out.


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    When a stolen car hits an innocent party who pays depends on whether the thief is identified and if the stolen car was insured.

    Stolen car not insured you claim from your insurer and hope you have a policy with uninsured driver protection.

    Stolen car is insured but thief not identified no liability against the insurers of the stolen car so same as above.

    Stolen car is insured and the thief is identified the insurer of the stolen car pay the claim but the reality is you will still be claiming on your own policy but the cost of the claim can be recovered.

    The one get out for the insurers of the stolen car is they are not liable for any accidents occuring after they have paid their insured for the stolen car as all cover on the car ends at that point. For this reason it is in the interest of insurers to pay unrecovered theft claims very quickly.
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    Thanks for the reply. Spoke to the insurance company and the stolen cars insurance has been cancelled so my insurance company cannot claim off them anymore.
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    Was the (Stolen vehicles) policy covering the vehicle (not the driver) at the time of the accident?
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    From what my insurance company have told me, it seems like it may have been cancelled soon as it was stolen. This happened 2 days after the car was reported stolen. Feels like the third parties insurance have done this to avoid any additional claims
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    So the vehicle that hit you was uninsured. It's possible that your insurance company will pursue the other driver for money paid out but i wouldn't hold your breath
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