Not sure if I can create links yet or if Hoseasons will block this for hotlinking.

However, this is their so called T&C for when booking holidays. I'm sure there is stuff in that, that would be classed as unlawful but not being a lawyer I'm unsure what to look at.

Mentioning as having issues with them at the moment and their "algorithm" that charges one price one day, next day drops price by £100. Despite the day before actually speaking to them on the phone and them refusing to discount on a place we'd stayed at and had issues (long story coming soon).

Anyway. In that T&C nowhere does it state that when you complain to a park, that you have to do it via a phone call. So I assume, if said park has a Twitter account or e-mail, using either of these should be classed as valid forms of complaint while at the park. So if you have an issue that you need resolved, according to the T&C you have to give the park a chance to resolve it while there. That's fine, but if I read their T&C right, they don't specifically say "You must CALL the park to resolve the issue". They just state you need to make contact with the park first to allow them to resolve it.

Being picky I know, but they have annoyed me so much. I never want to have to use Hoseasons or Darwin Escapes ever again. Hoseasons call centre wouldn't put me through to their complaints department and the park I was staying at told me they'd speak to their account manager as Hoseasons can't refuse to put you through.


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