Is it cheaper to rent - rather than buy - your kids' bikes?

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    Buy secondhand, almost any sized bike can be found for under £100, my neighbour reconditions bikes not sold in auctions and sells little ones for around £15-£20 and makes money doing so.
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    Renting as mentioned in that blog seems more expensive than buying. DS first bike was a balance bike from Tescimo (£30 lasted him 2 years and now his sister's), then he got a new 12inch for £100 from Halifords that blasted another 3 years. Then he got a £300 for £144 in the sale that'll last him at least 3 years. All under £5 a month and no extra cost.
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    I suspect this is the same question as PCP for cars... If it's important to have the newest and keep changing, then it might be a better deal. If not, as said - buying secondhand and passing down to siblings is probably better (though not from the point of view of the last child....)
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    When my kids were little and had bikes i wanted them to have fun on them and not be worried about the state the bikes were in when they had finished with them cause they had to go back. Buying them, worth every penny...
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