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Taking care of the pennies



  • savingwannabesavingwannabe Forumite
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    Well done, v MSE.
    Aiming for a minimal spend 2022
  • yamyam89yamyam89 Forumite
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    Recent accomplishment:

    Just spent ten days in the US, and budgeted $100 per day for the wife and I to spend on food, drink, gas, public transport and gifts. We did it! I came away with six books from secondhand stores, ones I wouldn't be able to buy in the UK, and a whole load of memories. And three extra lbs. Oops.
  • Skint_yet_AgainSkint_yet_Again Forumite
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    Sounds like you had a great time ! Well done on sticking to your budget.
    0% credit card £1360 & 0% Car Loan £7500 ~ paid in full JAN 2020 = NOW DEBT FREE House sale costs EPC £55 Solicitor insurance £90. Solicitor fees £1290 OCT 2022 = NOW MORTGAGE FREE 🤗 House purchase costs = house 1 fell through serious illness of seller. Solicitor Insurance £90 Searches £300. House 2 offer fell through structural problems / damp on survey. Solicitor insurance £90 Searches £300. Survey £375. House 3 offer Oct 22 survey £540. Solicitor insurance £90. Mining survey £60 Searches £300. Damp report £150. Builders report/ quote £100. chaps transfer £23. Solicitor fee £2000.15. FEB 2023 = NOW COMPLETED 🥳🍾Debt free & mortgage free & no longer working, now living off the equity
  • Hi I really enjoy reading of people's achievements to save some money. I wish you both well. Have a lovely weekend
    Do a little kindness every day.;)
  • I've been absent lately as we've gone through quite a bit of change. We've continued to hit our savings targets each month, but we've come to the realisation that my wife cannot continue to work at this time, it's too much given her disability and health needs. So, back to a single-income household, again. I've carefully structured our lifestyle so we can survive on one income, but it's pushing back plans of home ownership and having children again. Before we reached this decision I enrolled on a part time MA, to do something for myself having been a carer these past couple of years and spent the years before moving for my wife's career. We've decided to press on and do it despite the loss of my wife's income. Sadly I can't get a tuition fee loan as I actually already have a masters (for which I was awarded a scholarship). I have enough saved to cover the first year's fees outright but not the second. Hopefully we'll have some part time work for my wife at the least by then. It's going to be quite the juggling act - full time work, part time MA, carer duties!
  • savingwannabesavingwannabe Forumite
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    Good luck with it all. It sounds like a real balancing act and I admire you for doing it. Welcome back Yamyam. :beer:
    Aiming for a minimal spend 2022
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