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Hi there
If i make a cash transfer with my card to my bank account, can i still transfer the balance to another card when the 0% deal expires? or do BT only apply to purchases?


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    I am confused by your post.
    Do you have a money transfer card or a balance transfer card?

    If you have a money transfer card then unless they offer you a balance transfer you cannot do a BT.
    If you have a balance transfer card then a money transfer is going to cost you an arm and a leg.
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    Yes, you can use a money transfer now to get instant cash (for whatever you want).

    When your 0% runs out, you most certainly can use a balance transfer, subject to being accepted.

    Things to note, your situations may have changed - if you have £11k on that £12k then depending on your income, you may find it hard to get said balance transfer card at all.
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