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I have several D&G insurance policies for kitchen appliances and just been made aware of Smart Care Rewards with Whirlpool (the same make as our dishwasher, fridge freezer and washing machine). I logged into our account and we have over £300 of rewards which we can use to purchase discounted kitchen appliances.

I just wondered has anyone used Smart Care rewards and can let me know if order/delivery went smoothly. Any other issues I need to be aware of?


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    Hi I appreciate this is a very old thread, but I just wanted to ask if you did use your smart care rewards and if everything was OK? I have quite a bit of money in mine and wondered whether it's legit or not. 
    Thanks, Dawn 
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    Hi, yes I did use my smartcare rewards and didn't have any problems using them.
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    Whirlpool Smartcare Rewards.
    Not sure if I'm in right space. I'm needing help. I've been a member of the rewards for some time. I've tried purchasing several times but can never find what I need. I've spoke with several staff over the years and found them mainly abrupt. I had £710 and needed items but could never find anything. The site was limited and no one was helpful. I complained saying I felt I was miss sold the policy and was told to contact Domestic & General. I did and they said because I couldn't find something wasn't their fault etc. Just before Christmas 22 I eventually managed to purchase items, 1 was a Combination Microwave. This was faulty straight out of the box. We recorded the issues and sent email. I got a reply saying sorry they arranged a pickup and would refund the money. I hadn't heard from them so rang. I was told it was up to D&G they needed to clarify bank details then they'll refund. I explained I was disabled and relied on the microwave and I'd got rid of old one because I had the new, now I have nothing. She said sorry but nothing she could do. I'm still waiting on D&G, no contact or refund. What can I do, please help. 
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